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Best Paddle Boards


How to find the best paddle boards that are for sale?

When it comes to finding the suitable paddle boards, there are few criteria that we need to look at before deciding which paddle board for sale is the best for us.

Factors to be considered

Types of Paddle Boards

There are 2 main types…


John John Florence!!


John John Florence!!

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From Roxy’s new campaign, Outdoor Fitness. (PH)


From Roxy’s new campaign, Outdoor Fitness. (PH)


From Roxy’s new campaign, Outdoor Fitness. (PH)


From Roxy’s new campaign, Outdoor Fitness. (PH)


Night Boarding

Journey to Koh Lanta

After I visited Koh Lipe for 4 days, I decided to visit Koh Lanta. You don’t have to spend much time in Koh Lipe. It is just a small island and 3-4 days is enough for you to explore the whole island.

Riding the boat was a hell of disaster. First, it was late by an hour. Too many stopping to pick passengers. Only one toilet and you can imagine there’s a lot of people inside using the same toilet.

We reached the destination after long 5 hours of disastrous (for me!) ride.

“Of course that is not the whole story, but that is the way with stories; we make them what we will. It’s a way of explaining the universe while leaving the universe unexplained, it’s a way of keeping it all alive, not boxing it into time. Everyone who tells a story tells it differently, just to remind us that everybody sees it differently.”

—   Jeanette WintersonOranges Are Not the Only Fruit
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Awesome Journey to Koh Lipe

I was dead tired from my hectic schedule December and I planned to visit somewhere free from busy and noisy environment. So, where should I go then? I decided to go to…. Koh Lipe as my destination!

Koh Lipe, located in Satun, south of Thailand.. not far from the border of Malaysia-Thailand. It was said to be the most beautiful island in Andaman Sea. 

There are several ways to go there.

  • First, you can take speedboat from Pak Barra in Satun. From there, it tooks around two hours to reach Lipe since the boat make a pit stop in Koh Tarutao. In order to reach Pak Barra, you need to go to Hatyai first. You can go there by flight or train or car. Next, you have to take minivan/taxi to Pak Barra. It takes approximately two hours plus to reach the destination. *Tips: When you take the minivan, avoid the backseat! Disastrous. Seriously.
  • Secondly, you can take ferry from Kuah, Langkawi. However, this ferry only available once a day, which is at 9 am from Langkawi. It only takes 45 minutes to reach Koh Lipe.

I choose to stay in Langkawi for a night and then took the ferry at 9 am. The weather at that morning was very good. It seems like Koh Lipe is welcoming me with an open arm.

Same as other island, there are three beaches here, which are Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach, and Sunset Beach.. The most famous beach is Pattaya Beach. The hotel was reasonable, and it was 5 stars for backpackers. I choose to stay in BungRoon Bungalow. Not to expensive and is affordable for me. As long as it has an air-conditioner i am good to go! :P

Forgot to mention, the foods here were… excellent! I’d give it 10 out of 10! For those who are enjoying Electronic Underground Parties, here got Fullmoon/Blackmoon Party at Mia Luna, Sunset Beach.

If you are planning to have a trip to Thailand or Malaysia, definitely put Koh Lipe in your vacation plan. You won’t regret it.